iPhone 4 Water Damage

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While everyone knows that smartphones and water don’t mix, sometimes the worst is unavoidable. The team here at Monster Buyback & Repair are ready to do everything we can to bring your device back to life.

This starts with free diagnostic services to determine if your device is eligible.  We then move on to a careful cleaning and drying process where our technicians analyze each component of the phone and remove all corrosion that we’re capable of.  If any remaining parts need to be replaced to ensure functionality, we will contact you first so that you understand you options.

Please start by filling out the custom repair form.

Repairs are done by trained professionals with top quality parts. Our goal is to get your device back to normal and in your hands as quickly as possible (usually the same day!). Make an appointment or just walk-in.  For Mail-in repairs, please add the repair to your shopping cart and provide a valid email address, we will email you a pre-paid shipping label.