About Us

Our Company Values


At Monster Buyback & Repair, we are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality services. Using top of the line replacement parts and a rigorous training program for our technicians, we make sure that your device is always in safe hands.


Our primary goal is to make sure you are always given accurate advice and information so you can make the very best decision in every scenario.


We are obsessed with the devices that make our world move. Whether it's the release of a new phone or just a software update, we're on top of it and we're here to help in anyway we can.

Our Story

Monster Buyback & Repair was created in one of our founder’s basements. We began as a small mail-in electronics liquidation service for those in need of cash. As our business grew, we organically expanded into repairing smartphones and tablets, and wound up realizing it was something we really loved. Over the years we’ve learned a lot and developed the skills necessary to offer all sorts of smart phone and tablet solutions. Come stop by and see what exciting things we will be doing next!